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ISPfind is a free service provided by Neil Walbran Consulting Ltd., listing 'broadband' plans provided by New Zealand Internet Service Providers.

Start by choosing one of the the 'quick filter' options to find a suitable broadband plan, or use the 'advanced filter' to find exactly what you want.

Unless otherwise noted, all ADSL plans cost $10/month extra if you don't have direct-dial toll calls with the same provider. Connection fee given for ADSL plans doesn't include line filters. Connection fees given are for new connections (transfers from other ISPs are often cheaper), and may assume a 12 month contract. Plans with a cap but no excess usage charges will slow down once the cap is reached, typically to 64 kb/s. Not all plans are available in all locations. All prices include GST.

Clicking on the ISP name will show more information about that ISP; clicking on the plan name will take you to the relevant page on the ISP's website.

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ISP Plan Type Price / month Upstream speed Downstream speed Cap (int[/nat]) Excess usage charge Connection fee Notes [Show all][Hide all] Find better
PlaNet Go Prepay ADSL $0.00
$1.40/GB $0.00 Usage charged in blocks of 1 GB ($1.40) during peak times, $0.80/GB during off peak times. There is also a daily line fee depending on which connection you choose[-][...] [*]
Actrix CyberJet 45GB ADSL $39.95
(none) $0.00 Option of having rate limited to 64Kb or being charged at $2/GB data block once cap is exceeded.[-][...] [*]
Slingshot Broadband Broadband 50 ADSL $41.00
$2.50/GB $0.00 Option of purchasing additional data starting at blocks of 2GB for $5[-][...] [*]
Compass Communications Rest of NZ 50GB ADSL $44.95
(none) $0.00 Does not include cost of phone line. For households outside of "Compass Zone"[-][...] [*]

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